My wife and I submitted

My wife and I submitted a Partner Visa application from off-shore in a very challenging country, and Limor was fantastic throughout the entire process.

Limor was professional and supportive from day one, and we could not fault her knowledge and attention to detail.

We are incredibly appreciative to have had Limor on our side during the application, and feel very re-assured knowing we have her continued support with the remainder of the visa process.

Steve Connors
5th July, 2018

Limor was incredibly knowledgable and supportive

Limor was incredibly knowledgable and supportive. The detailed advice she offered gave many options we were unaware of, and did not receive elsewhere. She was available at all hours with a quick response. Most thankful.

Donna S
4th June, 2018

Professional Service

I have been a client since I have applied for my first 457 visa under the sponsorship of an Australian company. I received a visa for 4 years and after two years I again came back to Immicon to apply for a Permanent visa.

I am a Permanent resident of Australia now and I was really happy with the professional service that I received in both of my applications.

Thank you for all of your help.


Chet Gautam
4th April, 2018

Senior Medical Officer Migration application

Our agent was very helpful to acquire the permanent residency. It was a bit difficult for us to get it. We applied for several temporary visas over the years with our agent. She was persistent to negotiate with the immigration and finally got the Permanent visa for us. It took a while, but it was very satisfactory. Thank you for your help!

Kumiko Orimoto
Senior Medical Officer
The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
12th May, 2018

Limor has done all our

Limor has done all our visas in the last 8 years and we couldn’t pick better one for the job. She made it so much stress less and enjoyable and we are so grateful for everything she done for us.

Rafi Cohen
Head chef
1st May, 2018

I was referred to Limor

I was referred to Limor Grinberg through a friend who had similar visa dealings and I am so glad that after sitting with many other agents prior to meeting with Limor – I decided on working with her.

As I am sure people can appreciate partner visa’s are emotional and tedious. Limor was not only compassionate, she was extremely knowledgable, precise and made our process quick, easy and less stressful.

I cannot thank her enough, and would highly recommend her to anyone going through similar situations.

Outstanding services…

Teri Lazar
24th April, 2018

Limor is a very experienced

Limor is a very experienced and professional Migration Agent.

She has successfully assisted us and our employees with 457 & 186 Visa applications.

Her knowledge with advice and paperwork preparation has made the process so much easier for us.

Lynne Piacentini
Page Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd
16th April, 2018

I highly recommend Immicon,

Limor is a reliable, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated person.

She illustrated commitment to her clients and had always worked hard to achieve positive results.

Thanks to Limor and her team,I and my family had hope after my student visa originally being refused, I went to other agents and they saw my case as very difficult and they did not provide the confidence nor hope that reapplying will have a positive result.

Upon meeting Limor and getting to first-hand witness her professionalism and dedication, she made it possible so that I and my family could come to Australia to study for a better future.

Thank you Limor.

Hugo Urra
27th February, 2018

Highly recommended!
Excellent service with a smile and up to date with all of the necessary knolage.
Very professional, efficient and most important, will get you to the needed resault.

Karin Solomon karni
8th February, 2018

Professional & Informed!!!

Dealing with the Australian Government for Immigration is a minefield and Limor makes this process possible given her deep knowledge and understanding of the Government requirements and the processes.
I have found Limor a delight to deal with, she always follows up and questions and is a thorough professional is all aspects of her work with us.
We recommend Limor to anyone requiring Immigration applications.
Brent Manning
Bensons Mount Waverley

Brent Manning
Bensons Mount Waverley
6th February, 2018

Many thanks to Limor of Immicon for her professionalism and knowledge in helping my sons girlfriend obtain a tourist visa. This should be something simple to obtain but not always the case. With Limors help it was easy and once all the paper work was provided the outcome was very quick. Thanks again.

Vera Paleka
11th January, 2018

Thank you Limor!
Our partner visa journey wasn’t an easy one, however it was so helpful and comforting having you just a phone call away. We really appreciated your guidance and assistance the whole way through. It was also super helpful that Limor spoke Hebrew. Thanks again Limor, we couldn’t have done it without you.

25th December, 2017

Dealing with the Australian bureaucracy when it comes to migration is no simple matter, the process can be complex, long and costly.
Limor Grinberg of Immicon Immigration Consultants makes the whole process simple, all you need to do is complete the forms and provide the requested documentation.
Limor is knowledgeable, professional, fast and efficient.
I highly recommend her services.

John Davis
Managing Director
Asialink Consulting Limited
22nd December, 2017

I would like to thank Immicon and Limor so much for all the hard work in helping me to obtain my student visa. I know that it could not have happened without Limor. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with was made so much easier with all her time, patience and positive attitude. I was overwhelmed and frustrated with the entire process and unending forms, procedures and paperwork. Since my first meeting with her I knew that I was dealing with a person who is highly professional in what she does and I began to feel more confident and at ease with the entire process. She knew all the answers to my questions and right away offered different ways to deal with my visa options. During a stressful period, she always was there to answer my questions no matter how small. Thank you for walking me through the pages and pages of forms and always making sure all our paperwork was in order and on track.
I will definitely highly recommend Limor as your immigration agent.

Vera Nekritin
12th December, 2017

We applied for a tourist visa for a family member. I am very happy I engaged Immicon. Without them the process would not have been as easy as it was.
Limor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Without her help we would have not submitted all the detailed information required and would not have written the letters using the correct language. I did not realise how involved a visitor visa would be and would not have taken it as seriously as I should have. In the end the process was easy and the submission was accepted within the time frames outlined on the government website without any further information required. Thank you to Limor for all the help and following up to make sure everything went well.

6th November, 2017

457 Temporary and 186 Permanent Visa

We have used four different agents before we finally met with Limor. Her professionalism is incomparable to the other ones. She brought back our 457 Sponsorship that has been refused due to lack of knowledge and caring of the previous agents.
As a result of her thoughtful knowledge, highly professional and friendly attitude we recently became Residents.
Since we know each other all of our friends have choosing her services in order to apply successfully and so they are all did!

Csaba Szabo
Wall and Floor Tiler
Creative Pool Tiling Pty Ltd
29th October, 2017

I recently was recommended to contact Limor for assistance in getting my Visa. I am Los Angeles native who came to Australia on vacation and fell in love with Melbourne then decided to stay. I lack knowledge and basically know nothing about getting a visa in Australia.

Limor’s services surpassed my expectations. She knows everything about Visa’s and shared her knowledge clearly so I was able to easily understand all my options.

Not only is she extremely professional but personable. I left the country while applying for my visa and had contacted her during the weekend and night. She answered all of my calls and emails quickly, and never made me feel like I was a bother or she didn’t have time to answer my questions…and I had many questions and concerns which she patiently answered.

I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to obtain a visa in Australia…I highly recommend. I am more than happy and can now say that I have my visa!!!! I received my visa with no hassle and so quickly, if you are in need of a visa, know a friend or family member Limor is the one to call.

Erica Aslan
25th October, 2017

The response that I got was incredible. I’d been waiting for 4 months to receive an answer for my residency and Limor had an answer for me in minutes. Very helpful and personable. Thank you very much.

David Gears
31st August, 2017

Thank you so much for your help.
Couldn’t have done it without you.
Very honest, professional and efficient.
Would recommend to anyone who needs this service.

Lee Pritchard
Fabricator Welder
Tata Steel
18th August, 2017

I was a Client of IMMICON in 2011 when I applied for my 457 visa and again in 2014 when I applied for my permanent residency visa. I have been very happy with the service that I have received in both of my applications.
I have referred many clients to IMMICON since 2011 and the outcome and feedback have always been positive. I am going to be applying for my Citizenship in the coming weeks and will be using IMMICON again.

2nd August, 2017

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in obtaining an extension visa for my mother-in-law. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you because of your friendly service, professionalism, patience, high level of commitment and at times hand-holding support throughout the application process. The result of the application is evidence of your impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration legislation and procedures. I would recommend you without hesitation.

28th June, 2016

Laffa Bar

Originally we used Immicon Services when my husband and I moved to Australia which was a much easier process than I thought due to the professional services we received from Limor. All the paper work was filled in, easy to understand list of requirements was given to us and any information we needed was a short phone call away. After my husband opened his business we then required the professional services of Immicon once again. Limor sat down with us, took her time to explain every process ahead of us and helped us get through 2 additional business visas both granted in timely manners.

Laffa Bar
27th June, 2016

Uberta Systems

Limor Grinberg is an absolute and contemporary migration agent, very intelligent, easy to talk to, approachable and always there. She went above and beyond and always achieved the desired result!>I have closely worked with Limor for more than 5 years in a multitude of projects – most times “urgent” and filled with stress or last minute requests.

Limor is the migration agent with the most professional yet very personal and human touch in all aspects of her work. She has always understood my worries and stress related to the urgency of the visas, the sometimes delicate circumstances and carefully prioritized, prepared and submitted the necessary documentation.

Her positive attitude and careful case preparation was always the guarantee if our visas being granted! Limor has always been there for me and for our company when we needed it most – it didn’t matter what time and day of the week it was – always the one and sometimes the only person I could fully rely on and trust.

We highly recommend IMMICON for all your Immigration needs.

Management Accountant
Uberta Systems
8th June, 2016

In 2015 I used Immicon to help me when Immigration wanted to cancel my visa. I have 2 young children and do not know what I would have done if Immicon did not help me.

The application was very complex and we needed to provide a lot of documentation to support my file. After sitting down and having a lengthy meeting about my case and the issues, I was given a detailed list of the documents that we would need in order to support my application and I felt that I had direction.

Immicon handled the entire process preparing a cover submission to explain my situation and to provide reasons for why my visa should not be cancelled. After many months of being under extreme stress and pressure, the Immigration wrote back to say that they would not cancel my visa and I cannot tell you what I relief this was.

I will definitely use IMMICON again in the future to help me when I apply for my Citizenship in a year.

4th June, 2016

Groove Train Systems

The Groove Train chain of restaurants has been an Australian success story with the first business opening its doors in Bridge Road, Richmond in 1998. The group now comprises 23 restaurants across Australia. IMMICON PTY LTD has assisted our Franchisees with the Immigration process relating to both the 457 & 186 visa since 2011 and in that time has had a 100% success rate and has always shown an enthusiastic and professional attitude.

We highly recommend IMMICON for all your Immigration needs.

Rocky Veneziano
Groove Train Systems
16th May, 2016

Job Capital

Limor Grinberg, as a sole Director of lmmicon Pty Ltd Trading as Immigration to Australia, has been working with Job Capital in the capacity of a Senior Migration Agent since June 2007. During this time Limor has successfully managed many migration applications with a 100% success rate.

Limor has been a Registered Migration Agent since September 1997 and has over 15 years of hands on Case Management experience and a sound knowledge in all areas of Migration law with a specialization in 457 Business & ENS categories. In addition Limor has also successfully managed visa applications for individuals for skilled and other permanent residency streams.

I strongly recommend Limor and her services. Her integrity is equally high to her honestly and credibility.

Jo Burston
Managing Director
Job Capital
13th September, 2012

I would like to confirm that Mrs Limor Grinberg has been my Registered Migration Agent for the past 4 years, taking care of my Migration case as her client. I was introduced to Mrs Grinberg via a family friend who has recommended her to and was his Registered Migration Agent as well.

Mrs Grinberg was a great support and assistance that took good care of my case. She has the ability to perform her job in an extremely professional manner. She always managed to comfort myself (the client) and make sure things will be taken care of during stressful moments.

Mrs Grinberg has got a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the immigration rules, the constant changes that occur within the law of immigration and is always up to date with other related acpects (eg. ACS policies / procedures / updates).

I am pleased to have been Mrs Grinbergs’ client for the past 4 years and I highly recommend and appreciate her hard professional work.

Team Leader Support Services
MacKillop Family Services
10th August, 2011

Thank you very much for all your time, effort and support! You are wonderful.

Immicon is an extremely professional service. Even when there was a short time span to get paper work finished, you managed.

I recommend you to anybody wanting precise, fast and efficient service. Thank you again for your proficient service that you provided us.

Keep up the good work!

G & S
28th November, 2008

I have recently been granted permanent residency in Australia. The process of migrating from England to Australia on a de facto visa can be a long and costly process. However, this wasn’t the case for me.

Limor Grinberg of Immicon Immigration Consultants put my application together, which made the whole process a lot quicker and stress free, and well worth the price. I am extremely grateful for everything she has done for Olivia and myself.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody in similar situation to me

17th November, 2008

My wife and I engaged the service of Limor Grinberg and Immicon just before our marriage in September 2000.

We required a 309 visa for my wife to stay in Australia and apply for permanent residence. Limor provided us with a professional and understanding service, putting our minds at ease more than once. Limor had an efficient and caring attitude towards us and helped us sail through the maze of applications and paperwork.

Six months after first meeting with Limor, we are now happy and starting our new life together. I would highly recommend the services of Limor and Immicon to anyone, and if any friends of my wife or I need help in this area, I will without hesitation direct them to Limor and Immicon.

15th November, 2008

For the personal and warm attention. For the attention from every detail, For the follow up and the treatment As we received from you. For the dedication at all times. For putting in all the effort. For a well done job.

We recognize very much that we say “Thank You” and we know that this statement will not fully reflect the achievement and attainment, so we feel so sincerely.

Thank you so much.

14th September, 2008

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