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Who we are – make a change

IMMICON Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company that first commenced trading in September 1997.

From its foundation, it has been the policy to “cover the field” in migration services. We handle all types of visa applications, which give our firm an added advantage of flexibility and versatility. A person’s chances of migration to Australia are greatly boosted if they are assessed under all the different visa categories and this is exactly what we strive to do for our clients.

What we do

Our area of expertise lies in the preparation, lodgement and management of applications for both temporary and permanent residency under the following streams:

  • Specialist migration services for corporates who sponsor skilled people to work in Australia both temporarily or permanently (Subclass 482, 485, 491, 191 and 186 (Direct Entry and Temporary Residence Transition)
  • Professionals and other skilled workers seeking work in Australia (Subclass 189, 190, & 491)
  • Dependent who are seeking to join their partners in Australia
  • Family stream migration including spouse, Prospective marriage, parents, Orphan relatives, Interdependent etc.
  • We assist with applicants who have experienced family violence.
  • Appeals to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal Migration and Refugee Division)
  • Australian Citizenship.

Did you know?

IMMICON is not only committed to the migration process leading up to the grant of the visa but also in ensuring that our clients understand the post visa grant monitoring obligations for the prospective employer and foreign workers.

Where possible we will endeavour to lodge decision ready applications. Our Registered Migration Agents will conduct a thorough and detailed assessment to ensure that you do not commence an application that does not have a realistic prospect of success.

What do we believe In?

Our belief and approach is that the initial consultation sets the foundation for the migration process and that the initial migration assessment is the most vital component of the migration process.

  • IMMICON is committed to sharing the migration journey with you.
  • Immigration law is very complex and regulations can and do change regularly.
  • Information, which is freely available on the internet, is frequently out of date, inaccurate, and incomplete in its detail and can therefore be misleading.
  • We therefore strongly recommend that you always engage the services of a reputable and experienced Australian Registered Migration Agent with expertise in the particular visa, which you are seeking.

Our specialist team has expertise in excess of 60 years with an enviable track record.

Choosing an agent:

This is potentially, one of the most important decisions in your life, and one, which will determine the future for you and your family, you should not make your decision based on cost. Immigration law is incredibly complex, and constantly changing, it cannot be learnt over the Internet.

You would not expect a doctor to guide you through self-diagnosis, or to perform your own surgical procedure over the Internet. Similarly, Immigration to Australia is a life-changing process and we, therefore, encourage you to spend the extra money, and appoint an Australian Registered Migration Agent, who will guide and advise at each stage of the application process from start to finish, and relieve you of the stress and worry, associated with one of the most important decisions of your life in your journey of Immigration to Australia.

Important notice:

IMMICON Pty Ltd, is a private company and is not part of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).

We do not have the authority to grant a visa of any kind nor do we have the authority to guarantee the success of any application. However, we will provide the assistance and advice necessary to maximise and ensure that all regulatory criteria are met.

Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).

Please read the Code of Conduct.

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