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The Inspiration 

 Migration to Australia Forum

 We know how hard it is to go through your migration journey and what a privilege it is to be on a pathway that is going to change your life forever. We want to support the community as much as we can by providing a forum that is for everyone. A place that you can come to and share experiences and ask questions and just check out to see what’s new.  A Registered Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer will monitor this forum and at times will make contributions that are the correct information at the time it is posted. 

We are not responsible for information exchanged within the forum in terms of accuracy of the information given within your conversations with other forum members. This is a community forum and should be treated a such with an understanding that is not legal advice on how to manage your process. To obtain a proper assessment or advise in regards to your specific circumstances we would encourage that you book a one-on-one time through our Book Now function a the top of this page.

 We will contribute where we can as a part of your Migration Community Forum.

We looking forward to seeing your posts and sharing your Migration Journey and experiences with you.                                                                                              

Limor Grinberg    

Principal Migration Agent

MARN Reg No. 9793031

Member of the MIA 949

[email protected]


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