DIY Migration

Our Registered Migration Experts offer assistance for applicants who are applying and managing their own application and need help along the way.

  • Are you planning to lodge the Australian immigration application process yourself?
  • Have you already started your process, but you still need some answers?
  • Are you about to submit your application, and need someone to review it quickly to have peace of mind?


Our General Benefits for DIY Packages

  • Pay as you go by being involved first hand in the application process. You can request an online consultation for assistance every step of the way.
  • Complete awareness and responsibility of every decision with the added benefit of a Registered Migration Agent’s expert advice along the way.
  • Eliminate unplanned costs during the application process.



This is where it all begins and where we help you with:

  • ASSESSMENT OF ELIGIBILITY – Assessment under the various visa programs in order to determine if you qualify for Immigration to Australia;
  • Questions about completing a form – If you are doing the process yourself and are completing a form and have questions as to what needs to be included or questions about the about what supporting documents to provide out migration expert is happy to walk you through this;
  • QUESTIONS ABOUT MIGRATION LAWS AND CHANGES – The department legislation changes from time to time and these changes can affect different visa classes. You can contact our experts to see how these changes may affect you;
  • Got a letter from Immigration and not sure how to respond – The Department often make requests for further information and documentation where an application may not have been lodged as decision ready. IMMICON can assist you both in advising you on how best to respond, recommending the documents that you should provide to support the application and also in assisting with the preparation for certain documents. Open our Document Price Schedule.
  • Waiting a long time for a process and not sure who to contact – We can assist you by guiding you as to how best to contact the Department and also to determine what the average processing times should be. We can also assist with preparing a letter for priority processing if we assess that there may be grounds, which the Department may consider. Please note that not all cases will warrant priority processing and that this is only done in certain cases. We will be able to give you honest advice.
  • Company Sponsorship for both employers and employees – We can assist you with the complete process for both temporary and Permanent residency including the company sponsorship and Nomination and Visa Application. Immicon can advise you about the company and visa applicant’s obligations and how this may affect you. Immicon can also assist with the preparation of all key documentation. Open our Document Price Schedule.
  • Working for an employer and it’s not working out and want to know your options –IMMICON can assist with notifying the monitoring unit as to these changes and also can assist with the transfer to a new company;
  • Employer sponsors wanting to know about their obligations for the 457 and ENS 186/187 visa programs – We can advise you about the company obligations in respect to notifying the Department of any changes within the prescribed time frame. We can advise in relation to your obligations in respect to the both the company and the employee;
  • Need help with document preparation – IMMICON can assist you with the preparation of any key documents such as a family tree, resume, company profile, training documents, genuine position documents. For a complete list please see our Document Price Schedule;
  • Spouse/Partner visa applications -Questions about Spouse, Fiancé, De-facto, Parent, Child and other family migration – We can assist with all family related migration including assessment of partner migration, balance of family, child migration etc…;
  • Advice about what to do if your relationship breaks down or if you are a victim of domestic violence;
  • Skilled Migration and EOI
  • Assistance and support with Job ready program;
  • Applications for Graduate Skilled temporary visa Subclass 485;
  • Professional or trades people applying for Temporary or Permanent Residency;
  • Visa refusal or cancellation;
  • No Further Stay condition 8503 restrictions;
  • Questions that you may have during your own application process for do it yourself applicants;
  • Complete case management including the preparation, lodgment and management of your visa application;


Live Online Consultation

This service enables you to book an initial “ SKYPE Live Online Video Consultation” with one of our Registered Migration Experts. Once you have booked the time and paid via our online booking system, you will be able to discuss your Migration queries live over video chat. The details of your consultation will be kept completely confidential. You will also be able to book any follow up consultations that you may need with your expert.


Fees and Charges

The cost for a “ SKYPE Live Online Video Consultation” or “Phone Consultation” is

  • 15 minutes $59 AUD
  • 30 minutes $89 AUD
  • 60 minutes $169 AUD



IMMICON is a professional team of Australian Registered Migration Specialists who have over 60 years of hands on Immigration Expertise.

Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with a live online video assessment of your eligibility for IMMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA and is ready to assist you with all your immigration needs.


You are required to have Skype for a Video Consultation.

If you do not have Skype please click here to be taken to instructions on set up of Skype.

It is also recommended that you have:

  • High speed broadband internet connection so that you receive the best quality feed available;
  • Speakers in order to hear;
  • Microphone in order to speak; and
  • Webcam, if you wish to be seen.



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