Document Preparation Service for Pre and Post Migration

IMMICON can provide you with full support both during your immigration process and also as a post migration service.

The visa you apply for has a set of criteria that needs to be satisfied in order to meet the requirements of the visa.  It is essential that each component of the application is covered in order to make a complete application.

IMMICON has a dedicated team of exceptional writers who have a vast skill set of experience in various different areas and who can assist in the preparation of a wide variety of documents to assist you in getting your thoughts professionally down on paper so that it meets eligibility requirements.

This service involves a detailed consultation to work out what your needs are and also to take down all of the relevant information and details that relate to the document required.

Our documents service can range anywhere from:

  • Letter writing;
  • Resume;
  • Detailed submissions;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Labour market testing reports;
  • Statements of genuine intention;
  • Employment reference letter;
  • Company profile;
  • Training document;
  • Genuine position submission;

Please see examples of what documents covered by our service incorporate:

1. Genuine Position Report

 This report is designed to meet all the criteria requested by the DIBP. Our team will interview the business representative in order to understand the needs of the business and to obtain the necessary information to prepare a submission by the company addressing the points below.

It will give a brief overview of the way the business operates including the business organisation chart and a description of the main roles within the business. The brief outline of the business will set the context for the Case Officer so that the Case Officer can understand the reply to the following standard requests:

  • Show evidence that the nominated role fits into the SCOPE of the nominating business
  •  Show evidence that the nominated role fits into the SCALE of the nominated business
  •  Show evidence that the positions is NECESSARY TO THE OPERATIONS of the business
  •  Show evidence that the POSITION HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY OCCUPIED and a statement of reasons why it has become vacant or if the position is new, EVIDENCE OF NEW CONTRACTS SECURED BY THE BUSINESS/BUSINESS EXPANSION PLANS/MARKET RESEARCH.
  •  In cases where the position is a newly created position a statement as to how and why the position came about will need to be provided as well as understanding of how the position fits into the scope of the business and is now required.


2. Salary Explanation / Justification report

(“No equivalent worker”)  


Our third party team will interview the business representative in order to determine if there are already employees undertaking the nominated role within the business and to understand the skill set of the person and the salary being paid to them. In the event that there is no person undertaking an equivalent position, we will undertake market research via various online portals in order to be able to demonstrate that the rate being offered falls within the market rates being offered to other Australians undertaking the same position.


There is a requirement to demonstrate that the employee being sponsored will be paid a reasonable market salary in line with other employees (Australian citizens or permanent residents) in the same business who perform the same role. In many instances there are no other employees within the business that perform the same or a similar role. In such cases, it is necessary to find verifiable and independent evidence to show that the proposed salary, which needs to be above the minimum threshold currently set at $53,900 (plus superannuation). It is a market salary which would be paid to an employee in the nominated position if they were an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

We prepare a salary explanation document by researching and obtaining information from a variety of sources which include job advertisements, salary surveys, award stipulations and other relevant sources.


3. Labour Market Testing Reports RSMS and 457 Visa


Our third party team will interview the business representative in order to understand the duties of the position and what the requirements of the business are in terms of what they are looking for in an employee to fill the nominated position.


The preparation of this document includes a review/phone interview of respondents (up to 20) and a report showing why applicants were not suitable for the role advertised.

We help you compose the advertisement and make suggestions as to placement. If required, we can place the advertisement for you on two free or paid websites such as Gumtree, Jobactive, CareerOne, Seek or MyCareer/Adzuna. The cost of paid advertising is the responsibility of the sponsor.

To view a detailed list of some of the documents available please see the link below.

Document Price Schedule

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