Migration Cover

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Migration Cover is a Migration Insurance, with optional travel insurance for migrants, visa holders and expats. This unique insurance product was created as a direct result of listening to people who are moving to a new country, or those who have already moved, and understanding and empathising with their concerns about the move and the risks involved.

Watch our video – Migration Cover explained in 1 minute!

Our experience has shown that people who are moving to a new country, or those who have already moved, are concerned about:

  • Leaving their family behind
  • Leaving their property behind
  • Losing their job in their new country, putting their visa at risk.
  • Illness or death in the family (family emergencies back home)
  • Travel Insurance for their one way journey to their new country and when they arrive.


That is why we created Migration Cover! You can tailor a Migration Cover Package to suit your needs. Choose from 3 options with add-ons and KIDS ARE FREE!





Migration Cover Pay by the Month prices start from as little as:


Are you a 457 Visa Holder?

We offer insurance for your 457 Visa conditions!

If you lose your job involuntarily*, we will provide:

  • Back to work services
  • Relocation costs* to take up new employment
  • Return or repatriation back to your home country if you cannot find another job
  • Add on travel insurance for greater peace of mind!


To learn more, watch our video about 457 Visa Insurance!

Don’t breach your Visa conditions – get a quote here today!


*Conditions apply. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details, conditions and exclusions. This product does not cover income replacement.


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