SkillSelect EOI – Skilled Migration

Please note that the Skilled Occupation List SOL and the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List CSOL have been replaced on the 18/04/2017 with the new MLTSSL (Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List) & STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupation List). 

The relevant list that applied under the visa you are intending to lodge will depend on the visa class. These lists are subject to change by review.

If you want to have an assessment done to ensure that you meet eligibility requirements, please book an online consultation. 


Migration to Australia under the “skilled visa” category, requires lodging an expression of interest (EOI), and receiving an invitation from the DIBP (Department of Immigration & Border Protection).  In order to be eligible to lodge an expression of interest to migrate, you are required to score a total of 60 points.

Points are awarded for age, English proficiency, work experience in an occupation on the relevant list, qualifications, and state or family sponsorship.

The following information applies to all points-based Skilled migration that includes the following Subclasses:

Subclass 189  Skilled   Independent
Subclass 190  Skilled   Nominated
Subclass 489  Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional)

Every application is subject to a “skills assessment,” this is undertaken by an independent authority appointed by the Australian Government.  We will advise you which assessing authority is relevant to your particular occupation, and that of your spouse, if you are claiming bonus points for spouse qualifications.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether or not your qualifications and skills are at a level that is equivalent to the Australian standards.  The assessment is conducted by an independent authority, and is a critical part of the process (as are all parts of the process), and one with which we strongly advise that you only seek the assistance of a professional Australian Registered Migration Agent.

Once your skill assessment has been completed, we will receive notification from the relevant assessing authority stating either that:

  1. Your skills have been assessed as being suitable to make an application to migrate


  1. Your skills have been assessed as not being suitable to make an application to migrate”.

In the case of (A.), we would then proceed to lodge your EOI with the DIBP.  At the time of lodging your application with the DIBP, the primary applicant will also be required to provide an IELTS examination result or equivalent (i.e. PTE or TOFEL), evidencing the required level of English proficiency, relevant to your particular application.  This can range between a minimum of 6, to a minimum of 8 in each of the four bands of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  In most cases this can be done while we are preparing and processing your skill assessment.  However for some occupations, an IELTS result must be provided at the time of lodging the application for a skill assessment, we will advise you whether or not this requirement is applicable to you.

In the case of (B.), I may, if instructed by you, appeal the decision, or you may be required to provide further evidentiary documentation.

Once the EOI has been lodged, it will be entirely up to the DIBP to assess and determine whether or not to issue you with an invitation to lodge your visa application.  By using our services, we will maximise your chances of receiving an invitation.

If you have not been invited to lodge a visa application within the time specified by the DIBP, your EOI will expire.  If you are invited to lodge a visa application, we would then start to prepare your application for lodgement with the DIBP.  The application must be lodged within the prescribed time.

Please note, the timing and sequence for lodging documents is critical, and the consequences for not observing these requirements is not clearly explained in the information freely available on the Internet, and may include completely eliminating any chances you may have of applying for a visa.

New Zealand Citizens (Subclass 189 Visa)

In acknowledgement of the special bilateral agreement between Australia and New Zealand, From the 1/07/2017 there is an additoinal streamlined pathway for New Zealand Citizens to apply for Permanent residency.

This pathway is for New Zealand Citizens who have been living in Australia for at least five years and can show  continuous contribution and commitment to Australia. There is no points test assessment for this pathway.

The eligibility criteria inlcudes:

  • Hold a Special category Subclass 444 visa
  • Have been usually resident in Australia for a continuous period of five years immediately prior to the application lodgement and that you commenced this period of residency after 19/02/2016
  • Demonstrating through income tax returns that you have earned a taxable income that is at least equivalent to the Temporary Skilled Income Threshold for the qualifying period – A minimum of four notices will need to be provided  (exemption apply)

The income threshold for the last five years is as follows:

2012/2013 – AUD$51000

2013/2014 – AUD$53,900

2014/2015 – AUD$53,900

2015/2016 – AUD$53,900

2016/2017 – AUD$53,900

Please note that when you provide the income tax assessment notice you must remove or obscure the Tax File Number from the notice. this can be done by blocking out or covering the TFM with masking tape or a pen or piece of paper prior to scanning the document.

  • Meeting health, character and security checks
  • Lodge the application and pay the relevant lodgement fee

The application can also include the members of your family unit being your partner and children. These members of there family unit will also need to meet health, character and security check.

After the grant of a Permanent residency visa, new Zealand Citizens will have the option to apply for Australian Citizenship after 12 months.

Please note that if you arrived to Australia prior to 26/02/2001, you may already be considered a Permanent resident for the purpose of applying for Australian Citizenship.



This is potentially, one of the most important decisions in your life, and one, which will determine the future for you and your family, you should not make your decision based on cost.  Immigration law is incredibly complex, and constantly changing, it cannot be learnt over the Internet.

You would not expect a doctor to guide you through self-diagnosis, or to perform your own surgical procedure over the Internet. Similarly Immigration to Australia is a life changing process and we therefore encourage you to spend the extra money, and appoint an Australian Registered Migration Agent, who will guide and advise at each stage of the application process from start to finish, and relieve you of the stress and worry, associated with one of the most important decisions of your life in your journey of Immigration to Australia.

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