Limor is a legend!!

Limor and the team at Immicon helped my partner and myself for our de-facto visa this year.

After speaking to a few immigration lawyers who didn’t give us much help as they didn’t want to hear our story out completely. They provided us with information that is accessible on the internet.

We then got a reference from a mate and in steps Super Limor!!

She heard our story out, told us about our pathway and we were convinced that she is the right person for this job. As we know visa processes are stressful.

Limor gave us the full down of the process on call at the start and put in hours of work and dedication to make sure our paperwork was on point. With multiple follows ups for when we delayed our documents due to work and other reasons, Limor was patient and always made time for us based on our work schedule which is something not many lawyers do!! This attitude made us feel secure and knew we were in the right hands.

After this success, my partner and I have come to a conclusion that for all visas going forward we would love to work with Limor.

She is honest, hard-working and transparent which for us are top qualities we look for in a lawyer.

To everyone out there, I would highly recommended immicon for your visa solutions.