Subclass 187 Visa

Limor is undoubtedly one of the best migration agents in Australia.

My wife and I were in a hopeless situation but have been really blessed to have Limor help us with 187 application. Basically, we were in the doldrums. Limor helped me out of an urgent and dire situation when another agent/firms told me there was nothing that could be done. I was almost ready to give up when she was able to figure out a solution for me. Team Immicon (Limor and Elise) are incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to deal with.

My nomination for 187 didn’t go through after waiting for 21 months (with another agent). This is when a friend recommended Limor, No one else thought there was a possibility of us getting the visa but Limor was certain from the start she took on the case that we will get it. She has an immense knowledge about the migration laws and is always updated with new information. Together with Elise, she worked out a plan for us and was very organised from the very beginning of my new application. Attention to detail in all the paperwork, ensuring that we get it right from the outset. Limor addressed my concerns promptly, even replying late at night and on weekends which is commendable as she works around her kids. Limor is very passionate about her work and takes genuine care about her clients. Together we were on a journey from the start to the very end, never for once thought that we were on our own.

My nomination for 187 was approved in record two weeks from the time we lodged the application and my visa was approved in less two months from the date of application. While i do understand that each case is different. However, in our case, it was Limor’s diligence which made all this possible. I will never be able to forget the phone call from Limor when she uttered the Golden Words, ‘Sam your visa has been approved’. We cannot thank you enough in describing what this means to us. As we embark our journey in this beautiful nation, I have no hesitation in recommending Immicon Migration (Limor & Elise) for someone who needs a professional legal advice and expert advise on any visa cases. Be sure that you’ll be in right hands. How true are the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi, ‘The future depends on what we do in the present’. God bless you both!
Rita & Samuel