Thank you

I don’t know where to start with how grateful I am to Limor Grinberg and Elise Roberts from Immicon Immigration Consultants. Their dedication, integrity and professionalism and support were second-to-none. I cannot recommend them enough.

Following an abusive relationship with my ex-defacto of over 4 years, I finally left him but was on a temporary partnership-visa in Australia. In order to gain permanent residency, I needed to prove that the relationship was abusive. The journey of evidencing 4 years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse was extremely traumatic and involved going into great detail of highly triggering events. The process felt at times utterly overwhelming and having to ‘prove’ my deeply personal truths felt horribly intrusive. Limor and Elise empathised with how emotional this was but pushed me whilst supporting me the whole way. They were clearly driven by process and detail to ensure a fair outcome for me.

I believe they went over and above their duties in representing me, expending I would estimate around 100+ hours over the course of the process in reviewing endless materials (photo’s, statements, medical reports, psychologist reports, police reports) and managing to guide me through an incredibly complicated process that I found totally overwhelming. I was also able to call and text anytime I needed and would always get a call back even after hours and on weekends.

I am so lucky I chose them to represent me and would recommend their counsel to anyone who is looking for a Registered Migration Agent with experience and who can give 100% to your case and genuinely care about the result.

Thank you both.