Pathway to Permanent Residency

There are no enough words to express our gratitude to Limor and her team. She delivered the most professional, caring service one could expect, and we have received the P.R. in less than five months.
Limor will not only walk the extra mile for you. Thank you Limor for doing the impossible and taking us as your clients – it was a real honour.

לכל המתלבטים, שלא יהיה לכם כל ספק, יש שם הרבה סוכנים בחוץ, אבל לימור היא לא רק מקצועית בצורה פנומנאלית, אלא היא גם תקנה לכם שרות מכל הלב.
אם היינו יכולים לחזור בזמן, היינו לוקחים את שירותיה של לימור מההתחלה וחוסכים זמן יקר וכסף רב. עם לימור תקבלו בדיוק את מה שמגיע לכם – שרות אמין, נאמן והעיקר מוצלח.

Ariel Druckman
November 8, 2019

Permanent Visa

Thank you Elise and Limor for your amazing ongoing support, incredible attention to detail, knowledgable and professional advice during my application process.

It was great working with you, I am extemely happy and proud to know you:)


Regina Frolova
Envirotech Education
November 7, 2019

Permanent Residency

The work done in very professional way the application was very effective accurate, and up to mark that’s why it’s so quick even we were not expecting to be that quick.
Company Nomination and PR was granted in less then 4 months

Tassadduq Hussain
Bpoint Communications
October 30, 2019

Efficient professional polite accommodating patient

Efficient professional polite accommodating patient approachable helpful speedy hardworking and effective! Thank you Limor 🙂

Amy saia
Childrens Garden Kindercare
October 21, 2019

Great support and follow up

Great support and follow up from the team..
Outstanding service overall.

Special thanks to Limor and Elise..

Director of Rooms
W Kuala Lumpur

Marriott International Hotel
October 18, 2019
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