Hey This is Gaurav kumar

This is Gaurav kumar
I would like to appreciate the hard & smart work of Limor and all the immicon members. They show me the right path to get Australian PERMANENT RESIDENCY helped to Make me understand about every situation. I Thank full & so glad 😊
Special thanks to

Gaurav Kumar
The groove train
October 12, 2019

I was in a hopeless

I was in a hopeless situation with my VISA application to attend a very important event in Australia, which personally for me was a huge opportunity until Ms. Limor, Elise and her team came to my rescue and turned around the situation with their expert advice, deep understanding of the system, strong follow through and remarkable professionalism. I wish them the very best and truly appreciate all their assistance.

Vivek Singta
The Ritz-Carlton
October 10, 2019

Immicon provided me with guidance and support throughout my visa process. Limor was always available and helped with additional unforeseen requirements for my application that I would have certainly struggled to complete without support. My application was processed extremely fast; I can attribute that to assistance Immicon provided in strengthening my submission. I would highly recommend the services they provide throughout the process. Thanks again Immicon.

William Duffy
September 28, 2019

Limor was absolutely great with applying for my visa, fantastic service, would definitely recommend!

Nicholas Church
September 9, 2019

Permanent Residency

Hey Limor,

You, Elise and your team are rare. We were blessed to have you on our side throughout our visa journey. We came to Australia to travel with our 4 kids, fell in love with the place and were given an amazing opportunity to stay. You did an amazing work on our 457 working visa submission, but now – with the 187 Permanent Residence, you topped it all. Your deep knowledge and understanding of the visa world is impressive. We are so appreciative of the help that you and your amazing team of top-league professionals have given us. You both guided us clearly and supported us all along the way, with endless patience and compassion.
No words that can express our deep appreciation and gratitude.

Love you forever,

The Refaelis

Yuval Refaeli
Envirotech Education
September 5, 2019
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